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The Human Being: The Enigma of the Son of Man by Walter Wink
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Jesus and the Enigma of the Son of the Man

What if we are the link between primates and human beings? If we take Jesus off the pedestal of divinity and see him as no different than we are, then we might fashion a christology from below. Just such a christology was being created by Jesus in his teaching on the Son of Man. His objective seems to have been to help us to become, not something we are not--divine--but what we really are--human.

Peace Is the Way, edited by Walter Wink
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Writings on Nonviolence from the Fellowship of Reconciliation

These sixty original and classic essays cover the theory, practice, and spirituality of nonviolence, as well as document the struggle for racial justice and the cause of reconciliation. Together they offer a comprehensive and inspiring chronicle of the global movement for peace.

  The Powers That Be by Walter Wink
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Theology for a New Millennium

"Walter Wink's The Powers That Be is a brilliant and important book.  We need to take seriously his understanding that violence is never redemptive.  Walter is indeed giving us a new theology for a new millennium, and if we are to make it for another thousand years we need to understand this. This is not a book of doom, but of wondrous hope." - Madeleine L'Engle

  Homosexuality and Chrisitan Faith, edited by Walter Wink
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Questions of Conscience for the Churches.

Issues surrounding homosexuality threaten to divide the Christian churches and the people within them. This unique resource presents short pieces from some of the nation's most prominent church leaders---Protestant and Catholic, mainline and evangelical---who address the fundamental moral imperative about homosexuality. Together they invite the reader to open his or her heart to the Spirit, to tolerance, and to Gospel values. Through personal testimony, factual clarification, and moral suasion, they provide much-needed clarity on the biblical witness and biblical authority, the nature or character of homosexuality and sexual orientation, and many related topics.

  Engaging the Powers by Walter Wink
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Discernment and Resistance
in a World of Domination


  • Pax Christi Award, 1993
  • Academy of Parish Clergy:
    Book of the Year, 1993
  • Midwest Book Achievement Award
    - Best Religious Book, 1993

"This is the most important and exciting theological work to emerge in a generation. It will have a profound effect on Christian thinking well into the next century." - Charles Elliot Cambridge University

  Unmasking the Powers by Walter Wink
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The Invisible Forces That
Determine Human Existence

"Unmasking the Powers is one of the most powerful and incisive treatment of the evils which afflict our society and our church that I have ever read.  With wisdom, scholarship, and evangelical zeal, Walter Wink deals with the many ways that the powers of evil infiltrate our lives."
- Morton Kesley Professor Emeritus University of Notre Dame

  Naming the Powers by Walter Wink
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The Language of Powers
in the New Testament

"The pages of this book represent the quest of a man intent on discerning the nature of structural evil in light of the biblical evidence.  His experience of living for a time in Latin America and witnessing extensive social and political oppression appears to have moved him profoundly. The end result is a book that is a model of the attempt to integrate scholarship with faith." - Clinton E. Arnold Catalyst

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